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    I first started DJing in 1998, spinning Hip Hop and Drum & Bass. In 2000, I hooked up with the Substitution Crew in Philadelphia spinning under the name Continuous Solution.  I spun Drum & Bass exclusively for about five years, playing at party’s in and around the Philadelphia area, as well as up and down the East Coast from Boston to Miami.   I was lucky enough to have the chance to play along side of, or open up for, some of the biggest names in D&B at the time. Including: Goldie, LTJ Bukem, J Majik, Dieselboy, to name a few.   

       After the scene in Philly slowed down, I moved on a bit. I began focusing my energy more on my painting and sculpture degree, as well as getting into custom woodworking.  In my spare time, I build custom bars and furniture using exotic woods and materials. However, not letting go of my passion for music.  

I never stopped collecting music.  My love for music and DJing has resurfaced in the last couple of years.  I’m  now spinning all types of music, from Techno to Uk Bass  to Grime to Drum & Bass.  Fortunately, I have kept in touch with the Fuzed Funk family over the years so I am able to share my music collection with you.

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Aliases: Jeff Meyers / Continuous Solution / Jefe.

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