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Music has been a major force in Rafael Salvador's life from a very young age. A New Jersey native, his earliest musical memories include breakdancing in preschool and being exposed to jazz through his uncle's tape collection. His roots as a DJ date back to Christmas 1994 when he was given a pair of turntables, a mixer and an eclectic selection of records. Going on to pursue DJin'g as a hobby and collecting Hip Hop and House records throughout his high school years, the turning point in Salvador's musical journey came in 2000 when he discovered Jungle Drum & Bass while attending college in Philadelphia. He later returned to the New York City area and interned at the Hip Hop's revered Fat Beats Records, where he contributed to album marketing campaigns and daily operations. This proved to be a valuable experience, as he gained insight into the business of music and met many of the artists that influenced him as a teen.

Having acquired a wealth of knowledge about music - in both the creative and business aspects - Salvador is now playing a role in keeping New York City's Jungle Drum & Bass scene vibrant and future-oriented. He co-founded Natural Selection in April 2011 and quickly established it as one of the city's premier Jungle Drum & Bass parties. He has also stepped onto the DJ circuit recently, eager to share the music he's collected over the past 20 years. An avid crate digger with an eclectic taste, his diverse sets are aimed to make you move.

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